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Do you believe in fate? BF Skinner, a world famous psychologist and theorist of behavioral science believed that there is no fate or free will, but rather that human behavior is conditioned by the environment and perpetuated by favorable outcomes. It’s easy to say that our past environment and experiences have created us to be bitter, angry, upset, or apathetic people. This is where I disagree with Skinner. I believe regardless of our conditioning we can deliver ourselves from the enslavement of our own negative experiences and choose to respond with truth to who we are and what we have learned to be right. The lack of nurture we have received in the past provokes emotional walls, fencing us away from childhood pain. Whether it was from rejection of not being the best handball player on the playground, the least wanted date to the dance, or never meeting the expectations of being the perfect child, we all relive these pains. Instead of letting these insecurities rooted in fear that we are not enough be the defining factors of who we are, we can redirect our energy to embrace these hurts only to become stronger, confident, and wiser individuals through knowing we are LOVED and WHOLE. Coming from this place we can evaluate a situation that jets us back into the belittling environments with a new perspective of knowing our worth. Reconciling that our worth is not tied to these shortcomings of our lives, but it has birthed an understanding of the depths of pain, in purpose of relating to others with empathy, we are free to help them overcome and empower them to realize their own truth, beauty and goodness. So when the next time life gives you the chance to experience past suffering, go through it with courage to defeat the cycle of your negative conditioning knowing that it is a blessing to go through the hurt in order to help others and heal and blossom in who you are meant to become.


Thank you ladies for providing such a wonderful Game Day for the girls. You are living examples of courageous, brave women and I am proud to serve next to you! I love you all<3 Can not wait for the next event.


A special thanks to Crust Pizzeria and Life is Good . Your generosity of goods made this event possible. We appreciate your support.