August Highlights!

What innovative and fun activities we had with the Krause youth this past Saturday!

Our two activity leaders were: Kanika and Karla.

Kanika is a engineering student at Texas A&M University. She wanted to share her passion and a bit of her life as an international student. She prepared an engineering activity for the girls that called for marshmallows and straws! The task was to group up in teams and work together to build the highest tower with just those two items! The girls were both fascinated by how resilient Kanika has been without having her family here and the fun activity itself.

Karla completed her second time as an activity leader here at Chicktime!! She brought the girls ZUMBA. Not only is Karla an extremely sweet person, but she has stamina when it comes to her passion of dancing. The girls love the art of self-expression and they had a great time learning the dance moves. Towards the end, it was the girls’ chance to teach us some of their dance moves! We learned how to “whip” and “nae-nae”.

We want to thank our amazing activity leaders for sharing their passions and time with the Krause youth. Thank you to all of our caring volunteers that came out this month.