August 2013

Summer can be a difficult time to get groups together….so….Chicktime Palestine took the summer off.  We cannot believe that it is almost over but we are gearing up for a great fall!  We are filling our calendar up with RETURN TO POWER dates.  Our goal is for  all the months from August to May  to have leaders!  So far we have three ladies who have agreed to help out!  The things they will be sharing are  Cooking, Painting and Money Mgmt. So, we still need  more strong women to take the first step and sign up!  You dont have to be an expert….You can share anything you feel passionate about.  We will meet the 4th  Saturday of every month (but this is flexible…we can always do a week night if that works best for you!)  Ask a friend or relative to lead a month with you….there is strength in numbers!  

We will get started back in the thrift store this fall too!   Wednesday from 9-12….Please call us and let us know and we will meet you there on Wednesday or any other day that works!  It is hot,dirty work…..but lots of fun!  So please join us!


Tracy 903-948-4010

Amy 903-391-9722