April News





The day  started out interesting, but it was embraced. When I got to Casa an hour early, there was an irate man yelling how a “punk-kid” stole something from the corner store, blaming a resident. Usually such an obscure event would through me emotionally off, but I treated him with grace and thanked him for his services silently gesturing him to go. The reason why I am mentioning this, is because God works in the most relevant ways. Showing us things through experiences, giving us a chance to grow in grace and vulnerability. When we are living in the moment and delivering grace to other people no matter their response, it guards you emotionally. Grace is an armor of your heart. Your heart is where vulnerability is fostered. All the women who choose to spend your time and heart on Chicktime are the most graceful women I know. Thank you for all your soul- present living with these girls.
This Madi Gras event was amazing. It always works out how it needs to. The girls were happy there was a delicious Cajun inspired meal. We sat around the table and ate, and chatted. Then experienced some crafting picture frames.
Chicktime is meant to bring you out of your comfort zones. As it has for me. I hope you all keep coming gracefully undone. Let all your imperfections on the table. Becoming who you are in the process is a beautiful mess and lets people do the same.
I love and respect each one of you thank you so much!
Excited for next month’s event.