May News


May Event Details:


Date: May 17th

Event: Pool Party for the children of the RGV Children’s Home

Location: Tanglewood Community Pool

RSVP: Please contact Lupita@mlrhodes.com for time and any last minute needs.


March/April Highlights:


Chicktime RGV had a fabulous March event with RGV Children ‘s Home. The event was held at the Club House of Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort. In attendance was 4 children, 2 house parents, 8 Chicks, 2 Visitors.


Leader of event:  Echo Richardson



While setting up, Echo introduced all volunteers, reviewed the program, and offered Chicktime tee shirts for sale.  Most Chicks wear the pink or brown tees, but commented positively on the availability of other colors.  Carol Wiens was introduced as the new RGV leader; she thanked Echo for all her work and dedication to the RGCH during her term of office.  Visitor (and potential member) Gayle Pagel is one of the three ladies who made our special gift for all of the RGCH children…owl pillows.


When the children arrived, and while waiting for the second van to come, Echo had a general “talk and share” time with the children and volunteers.  Next we began our arts project of identifying and decorating insects with sequins.  While working on the project the children had a cheese stick (a favorite treat).


We suspended our projects and again met at the chairs.  Carol sat on stage, with a new friend, “Harvey”.  Harvey is one of the owl pillows that Gayle and her friends (Ruth Prather and Judy Williams) made especially for the RGCH. Gayle told about how they made the pillows and that even though they do not know the children individually, she loves children and wanted them to each have a special “friend” of their very own!  The children came up onto the stage to pick the owl pillow they wanted to take home.  Carol shared fun facts, poems and stories about owls. (The favorite facts: owls can turn their heads around 270 degrees, there are 15 species of owls in Texas, they fly silently due to under-feathers, and that owls are far-sighted and nocturnal.)  She also told them where to spot a well-camouflaged barred owl in the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park near-by.  After “naming” their owls and telling what they liked best about owls, we discussed what makes a special friend (listens when we talk, shares with us and who really cares).  We gave the house parents enough owls for all of the children at the RGCH to keep and enjoy.


After completing our art projects and having snacks (sourdough pretzels were the favorites), the children got in the van to go back.  All of the Chicks commented on how wonderful it was to help and share with these children.  We were disappointed that more children couldn’t come.