April News

On April 12 we will be returning to the courthouse for the second of four Changing Directions this year. Changing Directions is a program that allows girls between 11-17 to avoid jail time for a minor first offense if the successfully complete the program. We provide the girls inspirational speakers and activities in a fast-paced, fun program. This is one of our most impacting events and we need lots of ladies to come make a difference in the lives of these young ladies!
If you can attend, please help us by bringing:
– bottled water (40-50 bottles minimum)
– bottled juice (25-30 please) or capri sun, etc.
– 1 dozen breakfast tacos (5 dozen needed)
– 1 dozen donuts (2 dozen needed)
– Bunch of bananas

It is important to make sure we have enough to feed the girls (usually a full courtroom of 5o) so PLEASE RSVP here on our public FB event by commenting on if you will attend, how many are coming with you, and if you can bring one of the needed items:

Chicktime Hope Changing Directions event RSVP here

If you are not on FB at all, please sent a message to hope@chicktime.com


March Highlights

In March we supported a team  gathering supplies for the missionaries who labor in the most remote regions of the world.  A team took what was gathered to Nepal, and we will post some pics as soon as we receive them!