April News

March Event Recap


A few weeks ago, we joined the local Girl Scout troop in a morning of Geocaching!  Once the children learned that Geocaching is similar to a high-tech scavenger hunt, they could not wait to get started. They were split into teams and used handheld Garmin GPS units to track down 12 different caches—each containing clues.




It was heartwarming to witness their teamwork and kindness.  After they found all the caches, the teams reunited to put the clues together into what became the Girl Scout Promise/ Law and the Boy Scout Oath/ Law.


The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts were presented with their Geocaching badges and the Chicktime Fort Walton Beach group was presented with similar awards.  The event concluded with lunch and a lively game of football.


Upcoming April Event


On Saturday, April 20th (10am-1pm) we are returning to Eglin AFB for a collaborative tour of the base.  The children will get to see the flight line, different aircraft and vehicles, demonstrations of Security Forces K-9 capabilities, EOD’s robots, and Medical’s self-aid and buddy care.  The children will get to interact with all of the demo volunteers and play games on the beach at the conclusion of the event.  If you are interested in helping, please email chicktimefwb@gmail.com.  We look forward to seeing you!