April Highlights


We had an AWESOME time at our April event with the girls of St. PJ’s Children’s Home. This month’s activity leader was Laura. Laura led us in a challenging, but FUN bootcamp workout with Fiesta music. Laura brought her sister, Angela and friend, Roseanne to help guide us and let’s be honest, kick our butts! We started the morning off with the first set, which consisted of a ladder drill, jump in jacks, air squats, frog jumps and jump rope. After the girls finished the jump rope, they rolled all the way back to their line on a gym scooter (not as easy as it may sound). The next set consisted of another ladder drill, push-ups, lunges, bear crawl and jump rope. Again the girls rolled to the back of their line on a gym scooter. We took a short break and snacked on fresh strawberries, cinnamon apples, small portions of pound cake, muffins, and juice.  Laura then had us do line sprints (flashback to high school athletics anyone). These girls were fast!! Finally our morning ended with a spoon game. We had to balance a cascarone egg on a spoon. If you dropped the egg, we had to do 20 push-ups! We even had some of the St. PJ staff join us, which is always fun! You know you’ve had a great time when there was a 98% participation rate with the girls and most importantly, the girls did not want to leave!!


Thank you Laura for leading this month’s event. It was so much fun! We would also like to send a special thank you to Ms. Lori and Rachel for bringing the snack and juice.  Also, thank you Aran and Kathryn for translating for us. Finally, thank you to all our volunteers!! We are a sisterhood and truly cannot do these events without you and your participation.