Chalk Art~

May Update:

Yesterday we had a game day with the kids. We brought Connect Four, which was a hit, Chutes and Ladders, Operation and Bingo. Everyone walked away with a prize!
Miss Laura brought doughnuts, cookies, and pizza! We want to thank Miss Laura very much for leading our workshop. Miss Laura has a special place in her heart for Roy Maas Youth Alternatives. During her childhood, The Bridge took her in. Years later, she is back as a volunteer! We are so thankful and proud of Miss Laura on how far she has come in life. Her light shines bright despite her past and we are so grateful that she has returned to share the love with the kids.
We also want to think Miss Trish for helping us out! Miss Trish has always been behind the scenes, donating piñatas, journals, coloring books, Christmas gifts, and many more items throughout the year. This was her first in person volunteer activity. Thank you so much for your presence!
Also, thank you to Miss Jenny who also donated awesome prizes to our Chicktime San Antonio Central prize bag. The kids loved them!
If you would like to volunteer for our next workshop, be on the lookout for our next activity flyer! See you next month!