Let’s Brunch!


March Update:

Our annual “Cooking with Kelly” workshop was oh so yummy!
Kelly taught the girls how to make Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Salad with blueberries, strawberries , mandarin oranges , pecans and homemade dressing and bread!! No shortcuts!! From peeling and smashing the garlic to whisking the roux for the Alfredo sauce- Kelly always wants the girls to know their way around the kitchen! Kelly made homemade cupcakes for dessert ???? too!
Before we dined on the fruits of our labor, one of the girls blessed our time and meal with a beautiful prayer. Then we had lunch and sweet fellowship together.
The girls need our love and attention. We never doubt why we are there . Some Saturdays are easier than others depending on the battles they are having or not having!
But…even if there aren’t new battles we know they are trying to heal from their past and if we don’t show up for them consistently… who will?
Join us one month. Come be a blessing!