Pearl of Great Price!

April Update:

April is a month of promise, of Spring just around the corner, of new life coming forth, bringing us out of cold weather and bleak landscapes into a warmth in the breezes, and a time of refreshing… Refreshing that finally relieves the stress of a long or harsh winter.
And this is what Brenda and daughter Mindy spoke about to our precious young ladies…Stress.  Brenda has a soothing, comforting voice, just perfect to tell others about how she handles stress.  Mindy has a vivacious refreshing personality and her input was very valuable.  Brenda began by giving four points to help deal with stress:
1. Give all your worries and stress to God
2. Pray-God doesn’t always remove the problems but He strengthens us to go through them.
3. Be quiet inside, find a quiet place in the middle of turmoil.  Real stress is not what is going on around us, but is more about what’s going on inside us.
4. Quickly forgive.  Being easily offended can keep you stressed.  Jesus said on the cross “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”, and if He could forgive them during that terribly stressful time, we can surely forgive the people in our lives.
Brenda and Mindy then taught the girls to make Stress Balls, using colorful balloons and flour.  Such a fun time!

Carolyn then set out the Bingo game cards and we all had a super happy time as first Mindy and then Ashleigh called out the numbers, and the girls “stressed” in a really fun way, competing to be the first to loudly shout “BINGO”, and to win a prize!
The best prize of the day was to see their stress melt away in a friendly and joyfully rowdy, happy time!  What a blessing and honor to have been participants in this good time!  We are looking forward to May’s event!