About Our Chapter

We are Chicktime Connect!  

Staying connected with one another and people of our communities through our activities/event and wherever God leads us, we found this name to best describe our group and ministry. Chicktime Connect is inclusive of many communities in the DFW area  coming together to connect and serve.

We invite you to join us in this new adventure as we seek out various ways to be involved in our community in the upcoming year. Your input is important to us as we move forward. So, whatever and wherever your passion, talent, and gifts may be—we want to help you serve in that capacity.  Check out the resources on the website menu for ideas or contact one of your Chapter leaders for suggestions.


Christy Azer


(682) 564 5142


Becky Sublette





Our History



  About Chicktime Connect (formerly Chicktime Denton)

Denton Jan Teatime table 2 hatsOn October 30, 2010, 16 women gathered together and walked into The Nelson Center wearing pink Chicktime shirts prepared to have a BLAST with 10 beautiful girls that were just as eager to be with us!  We presented the girls with their very own Chicktime shirts and together made the cutest flip flops that you have ever seen!  We laughed.  We talked.  We shared stories.  We started a relationship that will go with each of us for a lifetime! As we get to know each other and as we earn the trust of these beautiful souls we pray that above all God is glorified and that His love is shown through us.  All 16 of us walked out of that building different.  As we start this amazing ministry in Denton, TX, we are excited beyond words as to what is in store.  Rebecca Poling and the staff at Nelson are amazing and the Lord just shines through each and every one of them!  We have been blessed with being able to take Chicktime to such a great facility and we believe God is going to grow Chicktime Denton beyond our comprehension!