About Our Chapter

Chicktime Washington


To be a woman is a blessing. We represent strength, dignity, beauty, and independence. We carry ourselves with poise and assurance. We act on behalf of our moral duties and obligations. So many anticipate these things of us, but sometimes we simply can’t meet their expectations. We fall, we cry, we’re weak and we just get by. We then feel alone and shattered with nowhere to turn. I want to be that person you turn to. That person who helps pick up those shattered pieces because each piece is “worth far greater than rubies and pearls.” Those pieces make up an exquisite, wise, virtuous woman, things that, once put back together, will create a beautiful individual ready to conquer the world one “chick” at a time:)


Chicktime Washington was established to serve the children who have been victim to domestic violence by Amanda Guth in 2012.


from left: Julie & Amanda


If you would like to volunteer with Chicktime Washington simply click the ‘subscribe’ button below and select NJ-Washington from the drop down menu. This chapter is currently without leadership so please be patient while we wait for one to emerge.