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Wades phone pictures 626In today’s society, violence, theft, and abuse are unfortunately common themes. The children of the new generation are forced to learn about and endure travesties far beyond their young years. Their innocent minds are muddled by the evil that so many of them are forced to succumb to. Instead of watching butterflies and catching tadpoles, they are trying desperately to escape the disparity that is their own lives. Many live in abusive homes where they are afraid to take their eyes off the ground in fear of being punished with the back of their fathers fist or the wrath of their drunk mother.


My heart literally breaks for these children, as I am certain that yours does too. Chicktime provides these precious children with an outlet to escape their pain and nightmares. Some of the women who volunteer with Chicktime are  survivors of abuse and some had lovely childhoods… but we all wish to undo some of the damage that was done to the innocent. Although I have never had to bear such treachery, I wish to instill the love and hope that I was lucky enough to receive in my own childhood from my parents. I believe that with time, compassion, and teamwork, that we too, have the opportunity to build these children back up and possibly ourselves as well.


Please join me on this journey to encourage those who couldn’t defend themselves. Help me show these children that the world isn’t just an ugly place filled with horror and darkness. If we join together, we can instead introduce them to a place that is warm and comforting. A place that not only seeks to replenish their weary souls but one that offers them hope for a better future; not just for them or for us, but for their children, and their children’s children.


To join our chapter and receive news updates and invitations to local volunteer opportunities with Chicktime Harrisburg, simply click the ‘subscribe’ button below and select PA-Harrisburg from the drop down menu. I am looking for a chapter co-leader and at least 12 workshop/activity leaders as well. It is going to take all of us to make this work so please contact me to learn more and plug in!


Jennifer Julick

Chicktime Harrisburg Founder